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In recent times, People have looked towards real estate as a viable option to invest their money in. In fact most people have made their mark in the top 1 percent by wetting their beaks in the real estate industry. Why is this so? Why are people looking towards the real estate industry to make huge returns on their money? Well, it’s because real estate is one of the most stable industries to get into at the current time. Back in the early part of 2008, The housing market crashed and a lot of people lost their money in valuable investments that they started earlier. How sure can we be that the housing market won’t crash again. Well before we talk about that we first need to investigate what happened earlier that caused the market crash of 2008. It was all because of one thing. Unregulated loans. Unregulated loans made it so that loans that people took started to get overdue until everyone started losing money and all the investors pulled out. Some people profited from this by betting against the short but those that had investments tied in real estate lost pretty much everything. But over time the housing market has stabilised itself and has become a very stable market to start investing in, One of the things that people have seen trend upwards is the fact that people have started to start investing in condos. But why is this a thing?

2 bedroom condo for sale in 9 seputeh jalan klang lama beg berkunci kuala lumpur - Buying a condo as an investment?
  1. Maintenance

Having to not pay too much on maintenance is a godsend to people who want to try their hand at investing. Because most people don’t like sitting on their property and waiting for their market value to go up, Others like to rent out their property so they can make more money while the prices rise up. As a landlord, you are required to maintain the property over time and this can cause some major issues for you as some maintenance costs can cost a lot of money. This means that you will also have to fairly price your rent in order to have some extra cash leftover to cover maintenance cost.

  1. Rules

Since condos have a higher management system in them, You will also have people that come up with a set of rules to help protect the building from further damage from the residents and guests whereles if you had a home on a landed property then the residents don’t have any rules to keep them in check so they can roam free to do whatever they want. Condo rules work in the interest of both residents that want a harmonious living and landlords/Investors that want to preserve the property value of their investment. 

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