Having your own home is definitely a priority for many people. Therefore, you need tips on buying the right house so you don’t get misled. For the business of buying a house for the first time, you should not take it too easy.

Discuss First With Your Partner

You need to discuss with your partner, and gather information about tips on buying a first home. A house will be a shelter for you and your family in the long term.

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The house could be an inheritance for children, grandchildren, or great-grandchildren. No doubt, proper planning, preparedness, and strategy need to be encouraged.

Of course you don’t want that when you can pay for your house, your daily finances will be disrupted, right? So, to be satisfying and not make the wrong choice, follow the tips for buying your first home below:

Determine the Location When Buying a House

Well, if you already understand the two basic things before, then you can start determining the location of the desired house. Determination of this location can be considered based on various aspects. Starting from considerations of locations that are not prone to flooding, have easy and strategic access, as well as considerations of water conditions, land forms, to the size of the budget they have.

Choose a Property Developer or Trusted Developer

The next stage is to choose a house based on the developer. Make sure the developer or developer you choose is a trusted party. This can be ascertained by digging up information about the previous project’s track record.

Does the developer have problems or are there irregularities in residential projects that have been built?

If there are no problems, then you can choose residential products from the developer.

But, don’t forget to make sure the residential developer product you choose has a price range that fits your budget.

Determine the Type of House You Want 

Property developers generally have several residential products with different types of land and building areas. For example, the types of houses that are now quite popular are types 36, 45, 60, and also type 70.

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To determine the type of house you want, you can check the home products provided by the developer of your choice. Then determine it based on the budget you have.

In determining this type of house, make sure you don’t force the desire to have a dream home. As an option to stay on budget, you can choose a residence with a growing house concept that allows it to be built or renovated at a later date.

Make Sure There Are No Bad Credits

If you want to buy a house in installments, then make sure that you or your partner do not have bad credit payments. If someone has bad credit, it will be more difficult to get a mortgage loan approval from the bank.

This happens because the bank considers your ability and compliance in paying installments. Therefore, the bank will usually also take into account the amount of debt and current installments with your monthly income. And also a bad credit track record if you’ve experienced it before.

So, do you know the tips for buying a house? These are all that stated, you need to know. Buy a house in a high value property like Damansara Jaya.