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Frozen Meat in Restaurant

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The use of frozen meat in restaurants should not deter people from going there. Some might think that frozen meat is not as fresh, while in fact, the freezing process can contain that freshness in the nutritional value of that meat. These days it should be safer to freeze meat as technology has improved so one shouldn’t worry too much. Sometimes, eating meat can be damaging to your liver too. If you own a business, all the more reason you should consider frozen food or meat.

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Many restaurants obtain their meat from the suppliers of wholesale frozen meat Singapore has. This is so that they can keep a full inventory and have large amounts of meat ready to serve to customers. Buying fresh meat everyday might be a strenuous task for those who keep stock. Imagine having to go to the butchers or the supermarket constantly during the time you are serving customers? It will surely waste a lot of time and productivity and may even cause upset customers who have to wait till they refill the stock of meat.

So this is why frozen meat is an option for most restaurants, so the next time you go to a steakhouse, that rib-eye was probably from the freezer. But for those who are running the restaurant operations themselves, do note that although freezing meat is great in terms of efficiency and extending the expiry date, the expiry date will still be there. Frozen beef for example should only be stored in a freezer for no more than 4 months, chicken can be stored up to 9 months all the up to a year, if stored properly. If the meat has been in the freezer for longer than it should be, you will need to clear out any leftover meat and make way for the new pieces. Ensuring that your freezer is clean and in proper working conditions is also an important factor to consider when storing frozen meat.