extensive clinical training in Malaysia

Choosing and planning your future can be daunting and challenging, especially when you have just graduated from high school. However, if you have already chosen a path and you have achieved all necessary requirements for it, then you can proceed with the initial plan. If you are planning to pursue a medicine degree for your further studies, do note that you might need to undergo extensive clinical training in Malaysia at the end of your degree. Though it is expected because not everyone is qualified to further their studies in Medicine. 

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What is a medicine degree?

A medicine degree, also known as a medical degree, is considered a professional degree and also one of the highest degree, admitted to those who have passed coursework in the field of medicine or surgery, most times both. Graduating with a degree in medicine will allow the recipient to continue with special or extensive training (as mentioned above) to secure a medical license as the end goal of pursuing this degree. 

Benefits of studying medicine for your further studies

Pursuing medicine as a course for your further studies is challenging because even after you have graduated and finally secure a medical license, you are constantly learning, researching and finding out ways to cure and treat your patients. Like they say, with great power comes great responsibility. Here are some benefits of pursuing medicine to motivate you to choose a medical path. 

Medicine Jobs Available Internationally

By being part of the medical team, not only will you end up working and serving the local community around you, but you will be able to apply to work in other countries too. Do note that if you are considering working outside your own country after graduating, and the country of your choice is not an English-speaking country, then it is best to learn their language first. It’s essential to do so to communicate well with your patients later. 

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Diverse Medical Career Opportunity

After graduating with a medical degree, you are able to pick and choose which field you want to pursue because medical, or medicine, is an umbrella term for all things. Hence, you have 6 years to think about which specific field is the one for you and choose that field when you have finally graduated later. 

If you don’t feel like working as a medical staff and dealing with that many people, you can also opt to be a medical researcher, where you will be spending time researching various kinds of diseases or viruses, and understanding what it would take to cure patients who have those kinds of illness. 

High Demands For Doctors 

Living in this post-pandemic era only makes the demands of medical staff, like doctors and nurses, really high. It can be observed during the pandemic that the virus was spreading like wildfire and doctors were so understaffed, that they needed to bring in those in the medical field who have retired, to come and help.

Besides the pandemic, there are also other countries that are in dire need of doctors and medical help to treat them accordingly. Therefore, when you have graduated with a medical degree, there is a high chance that you will land a job almost immediately.