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Social media influencers are all over the world. They are the experts in making content and monetizing content. They provide knowledge, and value to their followers and build on the uniqueness and the image they create for themselves. The consistency helps social media influencers brand themselves and some even seek branding in Malaysia to get a more holistic hands-on branding strategy. Branding is crucial for many social media influencers who are looking to stand out.

2020 witnessed a whole new growth in the number of social media influencers as well as the need for social media influencers. The growth is only predicted to blow up in the future but some evolutions and trends are in place for different types of social media influencers emerging. There are nano influencers who have 1k followers to 10k followers. Then we have micro-influencers who have about 50k followers, and then progressing to mid-tier influencers, macro-influencers, and finally mega influencers who have a reach of more than a million followers. Often when you get a million, you are now a celebrity. 

Each and every one of these followers have a major impact on their followers. The importance of nano influencers is even more prevalent in an age where follower count is not as important as the engagement rate. So how can you become an influencer who will create a good steady engagement rate with her followers and progress across social media?

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Create Engaging Content In A Chosen Niche 

Have you chosen what your niche is on social media? You can choose your niche based on what you are most passionate about. Are you passionate about travel and aesthetics? Then you can create your own platform curating engaging content about travel. Are you a huge fan of harry potter and other books? You can become an influencer who specializes in sci-fi books and other fantasy novels. Or maybe you are a swimming instructor with a lot of videos and images to share. You can choose to create targeted content that is bound to go viral among those who love underwater life. 

Post Consistently On Social Media 

How consistent are you on social media? Social media is all about your persistence and consistency. Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter take note of how engaging and consistent you are on social media. So if you are only posting every few months, then you may not seem as relevant to the social media algorithm. To remain relevant to both social media platforms and to your followers you have to be consistently loud, active, and seen on the platform. 

Make Mindful Collaborations

Your collaborations are crucial to how you grow on social media. What kind of people do you associate yourself with? Are they clicking with your followers base? Are they looking for content from both of you as influencers? Is there any relevant connection between the two of you? Will collaborating with the person bring you more engagement, spark conversation and bring virality? These are all mindful questions to keep in mind before collaborating with another individual.