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New parents especially might not have enough knowledge about the do’s and dont’s in taking care of a newborn baby. On baby product store KL, you will learn how to handle a newborn like a pro!  

Essentials for your Baby

Babies too, just like us, have quite a lot of things that they need in a day. What you and your partner would need is definitely baby clothes. Newborn babies especially are very sensitive and might need extra care. For the clothes, you might want to buy from a high quality brand to ensure that your baby is comfortable. Since they cannot speak, we have to give our best in making sure that they are safe and sound. 

As for their place to sleep, get a cot or crib for your baby. It is crucial for you to check on the safety first. Make sure that the item is in good condition. If you are buying from online platforms, be sure to check the reviews before purchasing. Place layers of blanket in the cot or crib and make sure that it is tucked below the baby’s shoulder level. Do not put pillows or duvets to avoid the baby from suffocating.

Feeding Your Baby

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Feeding in this context means breastfeeding. There are several things you need to know before getting started. 

You need to know the proper way to feed your baby. This is to ensure that both mother and baby would not be harmed during the process. It is important to have an understanding on how to get the right position to ease you. You would have to learn how to latch, as incorrect way of latching would cause discomfort to your breast. Your nipple and areola should be covered by the baby’s mouth. If the baby only sucks on the nipple it will not only leave your baby hungry because the milk-secreting glands will not be compressed. This is one of the reasons why your nipples become uncomfortable. 

Once you are done feeding, you need to burp your baby. The reason why we do this is because there will be a little air that would be swallowed with her food, in this case, breast milk or formula. This would cause your baby to feel uncomfortable and is the reason why they would be cranky. 

Bathing Your Baby

There is no need to bathe your baby every day. However, it is a need for your baby to ensure cleanliness and safety. What you have to do every day is to spot clean. It means to make sure to check any area that is easy to get dirty. Babies should not be bathed too frequently as it would lead to skin conditions such as rashes and eczema. If you would like to bathe your baby properly, doing it once or twice per week is sufficient. 

Putting Your Baby To Sleep

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Newborns would sleep for most of the day. So do not freak out as it is normal for them. You need to understand their sleeping schedule. Typically, they would sleep for 14 to 17 hours out of the 24 hours. Since newborns have very small tummies, it is better to feed them beforehand. 

During their sleep, they might produce weird noises. This is due to their breathing control centre, located in their brain. It is not mature yet, and is the cause for the noises produced. 

Once you have mastered all of these, you are now eligible for parenting. Good luck!