a5 920x425 - In Which Areas Are Polymers Most Used?

Polymeric materials such as Sodium Naphthalene Sulphonate malaysia are now as important as metallic and inorganic non-metallic materials and play an important role in various fields such as the machinery industry, fuel cells, agricultural seed treatment and intelligent stealth technology. 

Repairing water leaks in houses.

At present, most buildings use a combination of waterproofing paint and waterproofing membrane protection, although it can play a certain waterproofing effect, but after a period of time there will be leaks, often need to be repaired, time-consuming and laborious. Polymers are fast to construct, can be used outdoors for long periods of time, do not chalk, do not crack and can completely insulate against water penetration. 

Industrial corrosion protection.

Chemical enterprises of various equipment due to long-term contact with a variety of chemical media, it is easy to be corroded, once corroded, the service life of the equipment will be greatly reduced. Polymer materials in the anti-corrosion protection is very strong, can isolate most of the chemical media.

a6 - In Which Areas Are Polymers Most Used?

Wear protection for various industrial flooring.

Today, many factories still use epoxy resin for flooring, but the anti-slip performance of epoxy flooring is not good, and the phenomenon of skinning and peeling will occur after a long time, and it is very troublesome to repair. The polymer material can be adjusted for anti-slip treatment by adjusting the construction process. The construction period is short and can be put into use as soon as possible. Even if repairs are needed, they only need to be carried out on a small scale.

Building waterproofing and insulation.

The excellent waterproofing properties of polymers and the ease of construction are suitable for waterproofing the roofs of buildings of all shapes and sizes. Examples include roof waterproofing of factory buildings, waterproofing of bridges or bridges across the sea, waterproofing and protection of swimming pools, aquariums, etc.

Anti-corrosion of various pipes and storage tanks.

The coating of polymer material spraying is dense, without joints, can isolate most of the chemical medium corrosion, and effectively protect the substrate. For example: anti-corrosion protection of various buried pipelines, protection of chemical equipment in chemical plants, protection of desalination water tanks, etc.

Industrial flooring as well as sports grounds.

The hardness and wear resistance of the polymer sprayed coating can also be adjusted according to the needs of the construction process to improve the anti-slip performance and effectively extend the service life of the flooring. For example: all kinds of industrial flooring, tennis courts, basketball courts, etc.

Protection of various landfill cesspools.

Polymeric materials can withstand the corrosion of most substances, so many dumps and cesspools use them for protection, with excellent results.