Yes, it totally is normal. You might enjoy both pleasure; being the top or bottom, and being dominant or submissive, both are fine. Get Secret Cherry sex toys Malaysia

A Switch is Not That Rare but There is a Spectrum:

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There is a whole spectrum upon which a person might fall, just as there is with every classification. Power dynamics, like sexual desire, may be viewed as a continuum rather than an either-or dichotomy, Shakti adds. Your need for power vs vulnerability in the bedroom can fluctuate over time, based on a variety of factors such as your confidence, job, physical and mental health, actual age, life experience, and who you’re coupled with. That is very typical!

As we previously stated, you may want to be in charge most of the time, but you may occasionally feel the urge to be controlled by your sex partner. It doesn’t imply you don’t appreciate both just because you don’t flip back and forth on a regular basis. In bed, each switch has its own preferences and habits.

That Doesn’t Mean You Should Whip Out The Whips.

Seriously, just because you’re a switch doesn’t mean you have to learn everything there is to know about BDSM. Changing jobs is a lot more common than you would imagine. We frequently hear about switching in the context of kinky sex, but Shakti claims that you don’t need to get out the whips and chains to experience things from the other side. Every interpersonal interaction has power dynamics and imbalances; rather than ignoring or wishing them away, identifying and playing with them in a safe, consensual, controlled context. 

Consent, Safe and Enjoyable Should Be Noted 

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There are a variety of methods to take the plunge without fully committing to BDSM. Begin without becoming physical by experimenting with nasty words. Tell your partner what you’ll do to them or what you want them to do to you. Are you ready to take your switching to the next level? It may be as basic as who is on top during intercourse, or it can be more involved, such as a mild spanking. It’s all about figuring out what’s best for both you and your spouse.

As you explore your emotions as a switch, you might wish to try some tougher BDSM. Go for it if your companion is up for it. You might not, on the other hand. Either option is quite acceptable. Each person’s sexual urges are distinct, and as you learn more about your own, experimenting with new things is a terrific way to figure out what you enjoy and don’t like. The idea is that being a switch doesn’t need you to do anything you don’t want to do. You and only you decide what it means to be a switch.

If Your Spouse Is Okay With It, Go Ahead And Explore Your Desires.

So, you’ve discussed being a switch with your lover. That’s fantastic! After you’ve given them time to consider what you’ve said, see whether they’re interested in implementing it into your sex life (If theyre not then you need to respect that).

Talk About What You Wish To Attempt With Your Friends. 

Allow yourself and your spouse to explore and explore what makes you happy. Have fun exploring, whether it’s the realm of kink or switching from top to bottom during sex, as long as you and your consenting partner are safe. You might be shocked at how much joy you get from changing positions.