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It’s understandable that consumers would want to know how to increase their Wi-Fi speed for better experiences with entertainment streaming, massive file uploads and downloads, and wireless gaming given the millions of users with wireless devices connected to Wi-Fi globally.

Modern Wi-Fi is roughly three times faster than earlier generations thanks to advancements like the recent big leap to Wi-Fi 6 technology.

2 Additionally, since Wi-Fi range and speed are frequently linked, there are a few things you can do to optimise performance all across your house.

Few people are aware of the history of the Wi-Fi technology, yet most are familiar with the cordless icon symbol on a computer or smartphone that denotes a successful wireless LAN connection. Surprisingly, interoperability between various wireless LAN systems was originally promoted and supported rather than the technology itself when the term “Wi-Fi” was first adopted. Wi-Fi was never a shortcut for wireless fidelity; rather, it was a play on the phrase hi-fi (high fidelity) as an homage to superior audio engineering.

You may stream movies, games, videos, and other data-intensive apps with more dependability, reduced latency, and better data quality for visuals, graphics, and communication when you have a faster Wi-Fi connection.

Wires, which can be challenging to install and provide a safety risk, are no longer required thanks to the installation of a wireless network infrastructure. It is also more easily and quickly installed than a conventional network.

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When it comes to having excellent WiFi, performance is everything. Applications built on the cloud let you operate remotely and collaborate with people all over the world. The cloud helps you safely archive the data so that you can still access it from anywhere because the data is accessed via the Internet.

The causes of a slow connection rate are several. Wireless transmissions can be influenced by physical obstructions like floors and walls. The number of devices connected to your Wi-Fi network and the distance between the device and the access point both affect connection speed. Even small adjustments, like raising your router off the floor, might have an impact on how well it works.

To ensure that you are paying for the speed you require, check with your Internet service provider. It’s possible that you don’t have the plan that is most suited for your connectivity needs because different providers offer varying speeds.

The location of the router, the available technology, and the devices that are linked to it all have an impact on how quickly your Internet connection operates.

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