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Today there are so many businesses that are run by mothers for mothers. The purpose of such businesses is to cater to a large audience that resonates with founders who are mothers, and who are willing to find solutions to everyday mom issues.

From owning businesses with the best nursing cream for moms to the best breast pump or nursing clothes, it certainly makes up the minds of the consumer as a mom-friendly brand. However, products are not the only thing that determines the mom friendliness of the business. A business that is centric around mothers should also be supportive of mothers who want to pursue a career at their company.

A company’s growth is not only determined by customers but also by the well-being of the employees. If your employees are women and mothers, they should feed the acceptance of motherhood and family centricity in the work environment.  

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Many businesses have credited their success to strategies that empathize the ability to be compatible with a mother. They open up their space to provide flexibility to moms who want to pursue careers. It does not matter whether the business is in maternity clothing, or books, or social media marketing services, all it matters is how a company finds a solution for mothers. How can you ensure that your business is supportive of mothers and have an environment that boosts their creativity, productivity as well as employability? 

Include Remote Work Opportunities 

Moms are not always in the best state of mind to make it work. Most days they are exhausted from taking care of their home, children, and even work. Someday they would just like to stay home and do their work in their own space. Being a mother does not hinder our ability to do our job or be competent at the work we do. In fact, it makes us sharper, much more emotionally intelligent, and great multitaskers. If your brave mama at work wants remote work every once in a while, a company should find a strategy that allows them to do so. 

Allow Flexibility In their Work Hours 

Moms should be allowed to take off home or come to work early without feeling guilty. They certainly don’t live on the same schedule as us where they get eight hours of sleep. Mother’ss life is incredibly different and the rules that work for the rest of the employees may not work for moms. If you want to improve the productivity of moms at work, start by implementing a guilt-free space where they have the flexibility to take off early to pick up their children and take care of them. 

Many companies have done the incredible job of providing mothers extra support by providing them with child care allowances, and even giving them a nanny at work. Bringing children to work should be acceptable given that the company has a special room catering for children and mothers. This makes it easier for them to work in close quarters with their children as well as the company.

A worry-free mom is a super mom to the company and a true asset. So it is important to take crucial measures to make them feel comfortable and improve their productivity.