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   Education is very important for children ever since knowledge is needed to direct and to take over this world from the current leaders. There are a lot of platforms and ways used to deliver content in education for students. Some use textbooks, some use the internet. Teachers and educators all around the world with the same intentions of wanting children and students to learn and get the best knowledge they deserve. With the presence of a new virus and global pandemic that forces everyone to stay home, teachers and educators had to start digging ideas on how to educate people and make it interesting. 

   That is when mobile application development for educational purposes starts to develop. The relation between mobile application development and education is educators and business came up with this idea to share knowledge in mass scale. They believe that the content can be anything general that is needed for the consumers. For example, there is one mobile application in the dictionary, where it can have multiple languages and translations. This mobile application development is specifically for people who need dictionaries as they are heavy to be carried around. Thus, with the existence of online dictionary, people can walk around even in foreign countries, and not be worry if they do not understand certain words as they can easily use the online dictionary in their mobile phone. 

educational app 1 - Mobile development for educations during a global pandemic

   The following relationship between how mobile application development and education is the layout and functionality used for mobile application development. Studies have always been a boring thing for most students. Therefore, for an educator to be able to give knowledge, the mobile application development has to be interesting and fun. In regards to it, the user interface and user experience need to precisely depend on the target market. For instance, if the content of the mobile application is about the introduction of counting and alphabets, thus the target market is children from 2 to 5 years old. Hence, the mobile application layout has to be colourful and filled with different shapes. 

   Lastly, mobile application development can help you give a deeper insight into how your consumers behave and what kind of users you get. This system is useful when you would like to improve your mobile app development such as content writing in mobile applications, or what kind of content do they like, or what kind of interface suits them better. This insight is usually known by how long do your consumers stay in your mobile application or how long they stay on specific pages of your mobile application.

   In conclusion, I think mobile application development helps in the education industry, especially during this global pandemic. Educators can share, and consumers can learn. With good mobile application development, consumers will easily get more knowledge and give good reviews that will eventually help your mobile application development in the future. If you are interested, there are a lot of best mobile application developer in Malaysia.