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Some people can enjoy craps, blackjack, and poker without having to ruin the fun of it. They dont do it for the excessive amount of money they will win but rather for the fun and thrill. They also dont spend the living expenses on gambling or go back to win the money they lose. The opposite of such behavior is all reflected in a person with a gambling disorder.

A gambling disorder is an unfortunate disorder. Some people are at higher risk of developing such a disorder while others can get away with a few fun rounds of casino nights. 

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Gambling is all fun but extreme gambling or perhaps compulsive gambling is definitely not fun. In fact, it is considered a mental disorder by the world health organization. The number of people with gambling disorders or compulsive gambling addictions is disheartening. Mothers, fathers, and vulnerable children become victims of a vile disease we all loathe and know as addiction. Addiction to gambling is no different from an addiction to a substance such as drugs and alcohol. The symptoms of compulsiveness, obsessiveness all remain the same. And the physical dangers of it all are very similar the disruptions not only happen in their financial situation but also in their work and personal life. People are surrounding them also suffer the grave impact of gambling addiction. 

There are over millions around the world with a gambling problem and hundreds of  thousands who are addicted to the dangerous game. Whether it is slot casino online malaysia or a land-based casino, people who are addicted to it all compromise their own livelihood and mental health. And like, any other disease some people are at a much higher risk of getting a gambling disorder. Even after one night of playing and having fun with their friends. 

Studies suggest that men are more likely to get addicted to gambling compared to women. So it is undeniable that gender plays a major role in addiction to gambling as well. Men and women experience similar symptoms when addicted but men are five times more likely to get addicted compared to women. This may be because casino games are not all advertised and marketed to women. They use behavioral data on men to cater to men. Men start gambling at a much younger age and they are exposed to the darker side of it pretty soon. 

Speaking of being exposed to it at a young age, age also plays a crucial role in addiction. Young children, teenagers, and unemployed youth are at higher risk of being addicted to gambling compared to those who are in stable jobs and much older. This may be due to the maturity and development of the brain. On the other hand, the risk doubles as children and youth with mental disorders enter the gambling fun. People with commodity to drinking and drug addiction, as well as depression and other mental disorders, can get easily addicted to gambling. 

If you have a friend who is in a higher risk group, or if you are in a risk group, it is always safe to stay away from any gambling activities. As the saying goes “better safe than sorry”.