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Staying productive takes motivation. It takes self-discipline and it takes the guts to start something. Photographers often have to rely on themselves for their inner boost of productivity. Given the freelance status of many photographers, it is up to their own discipline and motivation to build their own productive life and career.

However, sometimes it can be a little hard to stay on top of the productive ladder. Sometimes we need a break. A break from the endless schedules, deadlines, demanding clients, and the creative block that hasn’t lifted off since the pandemic. 

Speaking of the pandemic, that is another roadblock in our productivity journey. Being in lockdown for longer than a year has taken emotional turmoil on many photographers. Especially those struggling in the beginning. Even experienced photographer hits a plateau as a result of the pandemic. Their productivity dried up and was left a little bit lifeless.

But after a long year break, it is about time we go back into the productive journey isn’t it?

So how can photographers go back to being productive? Don’t worry. These tips for the experts are here to guide you back into the realm of effective work and happier life.

jakob owens DQPP9rVLYGQ unsplash 1024x693 - Photographer’s Guide To Staying Productive

Start Small Home Based Project 

It is hard enough to get clients and satisfy their needs. Most of the photographer’s work is based on the wants and the vision of the client. Their cloud storage by backup solutions Malaysia is filled with nothing of their own, but their clients. It is never the vision we have for ourselves. Five hundred revisions are done before the client deems it as satisfaction. So this is also bound to take a toll on our productivity and motivation.

However, there is a way around this toll. It is about time we start taking care of ourselves by starting our own creative home-based projects. This is the perfect opportunity to show your clients what exactly you are capable of and it is also a great way to build your own confidence. Your home presents so many photography opportunities.

You can even hire models of your own or be your own model. Or you can use objects lying around in your home, play with different lighting, settings and see where it takes you. There are thousands of youtube videos pushing you toward home-based project ideas and you can use these ideas as well!

Pursue New Interests  

Sometimes when we hit a bit of a block, it is time that we start something new. Something new and interesting might be a start to a new beginning. As photographers, we have a lot of new things we should learn. A lot of hobbies and a lot of passions. You can pick up learning a bit of digital art, maybe creating social media posts for others, learning another form of photography such as nature, wildlife, or travel.

Maybe travel is on a bit of a halt but we can look at other forms of photography to master. Maybe portrait photography is something we can master while we are in lockdown. We can also deviate from photography into digital art. Learning typography, graphic design, and other forms of editing apps are also a great way to cultivate our creative interests. 

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