Dr. Clo Covid 19

The pandemic has, no doubt, left astonishing effects on every community. While some states are currently undergoing their post-lockdown procedure, many continue to face the full extent of the virus in waves. While there is no telling what the future holds, or how soon life will actually go back to normal, there are a few methods to share and information to impart to make our living circumstances bearable. Security, safety and the ability to keep ourselves healthy is a privilege that should not be taken for granted, but this should not take away from the fact that we still struggle as people. And while we can do our best to keep our environment clean with disinfectants like Dr. Clo which help prevent Covid 19, health is more than just the physical aspect of wellbeing. It is also to do with the emotional and mental aspect of it.

1.     Meditation

Meditation is the act of seeking solitude and peacefulness by maintaining focus on the present, acknowledging your emotions and attitude. Meditation is simple, cheap and only requires a small space that you are comfortable in. Download an application or stream a meditation session online. Meditation is so successful because it teaches you to be present and appreciate the moment you are in. It is used in psychology and mental health alike because it is shown to reduce stress, anger, anxiety and other maladaptive coping strategies that one may have learned. Meditation is difficult to engage in if you find it hard to concentrate, or find yourself easily distracted. The best way to learn is to do it slowly; do short meditations first before you attempt the longer ones.

journalin - The Best Coping Methods For The Pandemic

2.     Journaling

Journaling is another popular coping mechanism. It doesn’t matter the kind of journal you keep; whether it is a written one or it is mostly one with art sketches. Do what works for you. Many prefer to stick different objects and materials to their pages as a token of the day, similar to scrapbooking. If you want to share your writing or work with somebody else to express how you are feeling, you can. However, some individuals prefer to keep their journal private and as a means of writing out their deepest emotions and thoughts. Which, again, is fine. Simply channeling your fears, worries, moments of joy, and any remarkable event can help you cope with the events going on around you. Art journaling is another fun and therapeutic means of passing time and relaxing. Grab yourself some art supplies and paint or draw, or make paper maché sculptures or collages. Art is diverse. Try singing or making a video diary. The options are endless. 

3.     Sleep

Sleep is another coping mechanism that is actually beneficial, sometimes. Why? Because it allows you to rejuvenate yourself while giving you a momentary escape from the world. This is not to say it solves the problem, but sleeping can give you a new perspective when you wake up. Try to take short naps, instead of long ones, during the day, so that you are still able to sleep properly when night comes.