Time 100mbps

In some cases, where possible, it is advisable to change the video quality of the stream to save data, at the expense of viewing quality. So in these cases, unless you are on the move, only 4G is not convenient for home, because if you finish the gigs you must then wait for the renewal date of the offer otherwise you pay according to consumption and the cost goes up. Using the Time 100mbps connection is important here.

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This is only the beginning 

In a market that is increasingly in turmoil and full of news. A kick-off has now been given and pretty strong.

  • The issue of the hotspot instead of the home connection will certainly arise in a more decisive way in the near future with the arrival of 5G which will allow almost non-existent latency and a speed never seen before.
  • As always, let us know not only what you think. If you have tried Iliad or other competitors’ hotspot at home as a substitute for fiber, please let us know how you found it, using the space below.
  • Unfortunately, however, not everyone can request the connection to ultra-broadband because the physical infrastructure that allows this type of connection is not present throughout the Italian territory.

It is the result of the so-called digital divide, or the digital divide that separates Italians who have access to technologies and those who cannot access them because they reside in territories where these technologies are not physically present. Yet at the Malaysian level with the EU Horizon 2020 Plan and at national level with the digital agenda, these obstacles can be removed.

What The Data Says

The data of the latest statistics, in fact, see 2.65 million Italians unable to access ultra-fast internet, in Malaysia, on the other hand, 54% of Malaysians connect to the internet faster and in fact only 2% of these are able to connect to ultra broadband. In fact, one of the objectives of the Malaysian Horizon 2020 program is to connect at least 50% of homes to ultra-fast broadband by 2020 also because to date, Malaysian citizens who have never used the internet due to high costs or lack of skills in this regard are 100 million and The country is in 27th place out of 34 in the OECD ranking on the use of the web.

However, someone spoke of satellite to solve the problem:

A technology like this in fact could be the right solution because it could overcome the physical obstacles of the territory.