best roof gutter in Malaysia

Owning a house means that you have to know every inch of it. From the floors to the doors, and even the roof gutter. Do you know what a roof gutter is?

Gutters - Types Of Roof Gutters That You Should Know

Gutters are used to collect rainwater that falls from the roof and divert it away from the house’s foundation. In this case, the earth should slope away from the foundation to prevent water from pooling. Water should be transported as far away from the home as feasible using splash blocks, downspout extensions, flexible drains, or even subterranean drains.

There are three types of best roof gutters in Malaysia that you can choose from, depending on how your house is designed:

K-Style Rain Gutters

Just like its name, K-style, it is in contrast to a completely rounded, half-circle-shaped gutter, the outer form of the gutter is meant to depict the letter K. In other words, the outside border is made up of a short straight line from the gutter’s bottom, two opposing curves, and another short straight line.

This is actually the most common type of rain gutter that you can find as it has been used for almost 50 years now. You can easily see the structure on old houses because it can last for a long period of time depending on what materials you use for it. K-gutters are less prone to bend or protrude when subjected to stress, making them stronger even when made of lightweight materials.

The downside of this type of rain gutter is that it easily traps debris and causes accumulation at the edge.

Half-Round Gutters

A contemporary gutter system with a high rainwater carrying capacity, a curved base for enhanced self-cleaning, and minimum water and dirt build-up. Half-round gutter can be considered as the most expensive rain gutter due to the manufacturing method.

A half-round gutter has a smoother inside than a K-style gutter. This increases the longevity of the gutters and keeps the metal from corroding over time. The smooth surface has fewer wrinkles for water to gather in. The smooth insides of half-round gutters are also more effective at removing debris. It is also easier to clean the gutter because it has larger openings.

The drawback from having a larger opening is it easily traps the leaves so you will have to instal leaf guards on it.

Fascia Gutters

This type of gutter cannot be found in any gutter aisle at the hardware or supermarket but you have to customize it according to your house needs. Fascia gutters are expensive and must be installed professionally; they can cost up to twice as much as half-round or K-style gutters, which you can install yourself.

The bigger fascia gutter can manage the unexpected surge of water and properly redirect it away from your property with little or no overflow. Fascia gutter can cost you quite a lot for its maintenance but it is worth all your money as it is very secure and can withstand strong wind.

As mentioned, this type of gutter will cost a lot for the installation and maintenance so you will need to consider everything before deciding on what to use for your house.