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Tuppers offer numerous benefits to those who use them, even for the environment if you consider that using reusable containers produces less waste. For the user, it offers an easy way to bring food to the office without inconvenience, as well as a way to store food in the refrigerator without losing its freshness.

In addition to this, you can store both raw and prepared meals in these containers, and depending on the size and material, its versatility is determined. There are even some models designed so that the odors of the food do not remain in the Food storage container and contaminate other foods later.

Tupperware for carrying food, storing in the refrigerator, storing dry food or freezing food – what should you pay attention to?

Tupperware has different uses that depend on your needs, which has led to the specialization of certain models for specific functions: a Tupperware for every need. Following that line we tell you about the 4 most used types of Tupperware.

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Tupper to carry food. These are the popular “office Tupperware” and consist of containers designed to take your breakfast, lunch or dinner to work. They have the advantage of being very easy to move and of keeping freshness for hours.

Tupper to keep in the refrigerator. These Tupperware are made so that you can keep the food you want in the refrigerator, it can be a pasta sauce, or fresh herbs, or even some fruits. Since these containers prevent cold air from the refrigerator from damaging the food.

Tupper for storing dry food. These are not designed to be put in the refrigerator, but are intended to preserve dry foods that should not be refrigerated, such as grains, cereals and flours. These are usually in large sizes, as there is no concern about the space it takes up.

Tupper to freeze food. To preserve some foods it is necessary to freeze them, such as meats or some broths. And for that the Tupperware for freezing has been created, which can withstand the process without being damaged or deteriorating.

How to take care of your tupperware?

One of the great benefits that a tupper offers is that it is reusable, so when you buy one you make a long-term investment. However, it is not enough to have it, but you have to take specific care that will help you keep them in perfect condition for a long time. We tell you about these recommendations.

Wash it with a soft sponge. It is not appropriate to use a metal sponge to wash them, as it can damage the surface of the material, be it plastic, glass or ceramic. In the scenario of plastic, this kind of rough scrubbing can worsen the surface layer, leaving unhygienic channels in the container.

Be careful of the use in the microwave. Not all Tupperware are intended to be used in the microwave, there happens to be even some that deteriorate quickly because of this. So before putting it to heat, check if the tupper happens to be microwave-safe.

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Let it dry exposed. Closing the containers when they are still wet represents a problem, because it can cause the appearance of fungus in the container. Before storing them closed it is important to make sure they are dry.