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There are a lot of things that you need to do when you’re pregnant and after you give birth to your child. As a new mother you may not know what to do and may feel confused and tired and all over the place. But all these effects that you’re seeing are only something very normal to go through. As a new mother you will need a lot of things to welcome the new member of the family and it is best that you are able to get these things before you go into labour! Some of these things are a must have, so listen up! What are these new mother products Malaysia that you need to get?

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Baby Stroller and Baby Carrier

First of all and most important of all is the Stroller as well as the baby carrier. These two things are an essential for new mothers because it will help in your mobility. Moving around and going out is no longer a hassle but a bliss! Why also the carrier? Because there will be times that strollers are not able to go into some places then a baby carrier is the next best thing!

Baby Diaper Bag

You will then need a diaper bag! Of course this bag is not only filled with diapers but as well as water bottles, milk bottles, snacks, toys and much more necessities for the baby. It is a need because at any time your baby needs something, it is always with you. Accessible at all times! It is an essential part in fact as important as the strollers. It should also double as your purse which you will not need to carry another bag which is a hassle and adding on to your load. So you have the diaper bag as your purse as well.

Portable Breast Pump

It is another important thing to have. Sometimes it is not as convenient for you as the mother but if your baby is requesting for milk then a portable breast pump will come in very handy. In fact it’s a should have in your bag because at any moment as long as the baby is hungry you are able to be fully prepared to give what the baby wants. Therefore it is best to invest in one so that it’s convenient for you and fulfilling for the baby.

Nipple Cream

Since we’re in the topic of breast milk and breastfeeding it is important to note that as a new mother breastfeeding and utilising breast pumps will cause discomfort and it is best to have a nipple cream in order to soothe the sore and help with the discomfort. Of course with that being said, you need to find a nipple cream that is of highest quality because it is applied on a very sensitive area as well as where the baby’s mouth would end up be. Therefore it should be of highest quality and should be safe to you, the mother and the baby.

These are only some essential new mother products Malaysia that you need to get. It is important for you and the baby. Hope it helps and happy nursing!

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