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   The global pandemic has got us stuck in our houses for far too long now. Starting in the middle of March, and we are currently in November and the Ministry of Defense Malaysia just stated that we will be continued our Movement Control Order until the early of December. We and our parents had to work from home since then, our brothers and sisters cannot be attending school until the middle of January. Sometimes we also got too bored staying in the house, knowing that sports activities cannot be held and recreational parks are closed. I am sure we tried to do a lot of things during these lockdowns such as cleaning up and decorating the house, painting, baking, and cooking as well. Thus, we involved in online shopping delivery. But not many people know what you are able to get for online delivery. We are here to identify and explore, and maybe after this, we can start shopping for other different things.

   The first thing that we normally would buy from online delivery is clothes. Clothes might not be something essential but during the global pandemic we are not to shop for our clothes, and who would feel good staying home and not look good? Especially when we are suggested to always maintain our best looks during working from home. There is certainly a lot of online shopping you are able to find to get good clothing such as Pomelo and Zalora. They would also have promotions and sales all the time, to keep and maintain their loyal customers as well. 

online groceries delivery malaysia - What you can get from online delivery

   Secondly, you can also shop for all the home essentials for your house. Some of the home essentials are drawer organizers, shower curtains, kitchen appliances, and even bed sheets. During this global pandemic, we have seen a lot of videos of people decorating and renovating their house on their own, contractors are not needed, and most of the wiring things you can learn from Youtube videos. Meanwhile, the inspirations can be found from Instagram and Pinterest. These home essentials that you can shop online normally can be found from Shopee and Lazada. 

   Last but not least, not everyone knows this but you can shop your groceries online and they will also deliver it to your front house. I am sure most of the time we would want to cook instead of getting unhealthy delivery food. In our current situation, we might not be able to go out and buy them, because we are scared we might get affected by the unwanting virus. Therefore, now you can get your fresh vegetables online delivery Malaysia, and not only that, but you can also get kinds of seafood and etc. 

   We might not be able to go out and live normally like how we used to but we can make use of every precious time we have at home and not let it go to waste, as we do not get back our time wasted. What matters is that we stay home, and take care of ourselves and the people we still have around us. 

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