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Online Banking is a service for conducting banking transactions through the internet network. This is a banking activity that utilizes internet technology as a medium. To make transactions and get other information through the bank’s website. For further Information you can check in this link below online banking website malaysia.

This activity uses the internet network as an intermediary or liaison between the customer and the bank without having to go to the bank office. Customers can use desktop computers, laptops, tablets, or smartphones that are connected to the internet network as a liaison between the customer’s device and the bank system.


Internet banking service features include general information on savings/giro accounts, deposit accounts, account mutation information, fund transfers, both transfers between accounts and between banks, purchase of credit, information services such as interest rates and exchange rates, and payments, such as telephone payments, internet , cable TV, electricity and various other types of payments.

Procedure: To use internet banking, customers must have a user id, password, token or One Time Password (OTP), and an internet network. User id, password, and token can be obtained by registering with the bank. When using internet banking, customers must ensure that the website accessed is the bank’s internet banking website. Then the customer will be asked to enter the user id and password on the home page or login. When conducting financial transactions, customers will be asked to enter the OTP obtained from the token. After the transaction is complete, the customer must ensure that he/she has logged out from the internet banking page. The bank sends a notification via email as proof that the transaction has been successful.

online banking website malayaia - Why in today's era many people use online banking?

Benefits and Advantages

Internet banking facilities have various advantages for customers of a bank. Initially, this facility was provided by the bank with the aim of making it easier for customers and the bank to conduct banking transactions. The main advantage is that we don’t need to leave the house to go to the bank or ATM to make transactions, except withdraw cash. By using the internet network, customers can carry out various transactions. Thus, customers benefit in terms of time and cost.

In this case, especially for customers who always carry out banking transactions in business. Customers can also make transactions quickly anywhere and anytime as long as there is an internet network. In addition to bringing benefits to customers, this facility also provides benefits to the bank that operates it. By operating these facilities, banks are helped in terms of reducing operational costs. Another advantage for the bank, this facility will lead to new customers who really need this facility. Customers can perform several banking transactions through internet banking facilities.

Internet banking does provide many conveniences to us through the internet. But on the other hand, as we know, it is possible for cybercrime to harm customers from irresponsible persons. One of these cyber crimes is a crime committed by hackers.

If you are not careful in using internet banking, your account could be hacked by internet criminals. This bank facility does make our business easier, but use it wisely and carefully. To avoid these detrimental things, it’s a good idea to pay attention to some tips in maintaining the security of your transactions.