cables connected to big server 920x425 - Should you choose mobile broadband or broadband via fiber?

Whether you should choose broadband via fiber or a mobile broadband depends on how and where you surf the web. Broadband via fiber is the best option if you surf at home and want to surf both fast and stable. If you would rather be able to be flexible and surf wherever you are in the whole country, you should, however, choose a mobile broadband.

Broadband via fiber is best for you who surf at home

Broadband via fiber is linked to a specific home. So you cannot take such a broadband with you on the trip. Therefore, fiber is best suited if you only use your broadband at home.

With fiber, you not only get access to high speeds but also a broadband technology that is more stable than any other on the market. With unifi internet package, your broadband connection will not be affected by either weather, wind or other external factors.

Broadband via fiber offers by far the highest speeds

Fiber is superior to mobile broadband in terms of speed. Fiber has a maximum speed of 1,000 Mbit / s, while the maximum speed of mobile broadband is around 60 Mbit / s.

Today, there is no other broadband technology that is close to the speeds you can achieve with fiber. The big advantage of this is that you can do pretty much anything you want online without experiencing any problems. If you’ve had trouble streaming movies before, you’ll no longer have it with fiber.

However, it can be good to know that the maximum speed is a theoretical maximum limit. It happens not to be assured that you will spread those speeds. The same goes for mobile broadband. Even if the maximum speed is 60 Mbit / s, it may be more reasonable for you to reach 15–20 Mbit / s when you surf.

Mobile broadband is getting faster

While fiber is the fastest broadband technology, there is no need for you to get a mobile broadband. The speeds are getting faster and faster all the time.

Today, you can do most things on your mobile broadband without any major problems. Just a few years ago, you could not stream series and movies without it starting to lag or the quality becoming poor.

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