Decommissioning service in Malaysia

Our planet is, more and more, becoming a dangerous place to live because of the rash actions and greedy decisions of corporations and industrial giants. The oceanic environment is at risk of suffering heavy losses of marine wildlife; not only in terms of animals, but also the flora that is present in the water that feeds the marine life. Coral continues to be broken off by activity and the waste of transport vessels disrupts their feeding grounds.

1.     Water Pollution

Oil spills are an expensive tragedy that costs the lives of millions of sea animals yearly. These are often due to oil rigs with leakages that go unnoticed or unchecked (sometimes for years). Oil rigs also prove to be a problem when being disassembled by services because the process takes place out at sea and results in pieces falling into the water, polluting the habitation of marine animals. Decommissioning service in Malaysia essentially works towards properly dissembling ships that are old and may be a hazard. It is not uncommon for scrap pieces of the ship or unwanted cargo to end up in the waters, bringing a chaotic mess to the undersea. Metal traps fish and can lodge itself in the throats of larger animals like whales. While services aim to do so in the safest way possible, sometimes the process results in the pollution of marine waters which puts sea life in harm’s way.

air pollution from ship 1024x464 - Why Marine Life Is In Danger

2.     Air Pollution

Ships are also notoriously loud vessels that scare off animals  and disrupt their breeding process. This has been witnessed with cruise liners with loud engines and horns that cause whale pod activity to act disoriented. Cruiseliners, while also providing entertainment, increase their level of noise to birds in the air and the fish below. Noise pollution accompanied by the excessive air pollution caused by the vessel’s functioning is a cause for concern to environmentalists. The carbon dioxide and monoxide emissions are deadly to marine life. Marine traffic and congestion makes it difficult for breeding to occur and, therefore, many animals are unable to mate and breed as they should. This may result in their young being born prematurely or too late, or in an area where they will not be able to survive.

3.     Damage To Undersea Landscapes

Marine activity has not only caused problems to the air and to the water in itself it has actually also resulted in the damaging of coral reefs plants and also directly killed many marine life. Cruise liners tend to crash into coral reefs, which are live bodies of animals that have hardened to form a living structure often inhabited by fish and small sea critters. Not only this, but they also sometimes end up crashing into parts of whales or dolphins and other marine life and fish get caught in the engines or in the anchor itself when lowering and when bringing it back into the ship.